The Salina Community Celebrates Purple Friday and is a collaboration  between Salina’s hometown universities, Kansas State Salina and Kansas Wesleyan, to establish a tradition of demonstrating support for the college students studying in our community by wearing purple on each and every Friday.

The students attending our local universities benefit from the support of the Salina community, including internships, part-time jobs, employment after graduation and a great quality of life. Conversely, the universities provide benefit to the community, including economic impact, entertainment and educational resources. In celebration of this collaboration, the task force hopes to encourage great participation among students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and community members in wearing purple on Friday!

In addition, several Salina businesses have partnered with the task force by offering special discounts to those wearing purple to their location on Fridays. Check out the link for partners or to register your business for this free opportunity.

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